How to marry like George Clooney: Advice for successful women

All of us and our uncles (not mine, they couldn’t care less about Hollywood) now know about Clooney’s terrific Golden Globes speech. All the girls went, ‘awwww!’ and the boys, “grunt, okay, whatever, ohgoshdarn, I don’t remember when I last told her I loved her, lest in public. ”

The love of my life (LOL) cannot take it. Not that he doesn’t love me as much as Clooney does Amal. But my man is a typical midwestern gent who shows his love by putting garbage and recyclables out late at night after a busy day even if he needs to catch an early morning flight the following day. Because he wants to make my life easier. My LOL couldn’t even bear Ray Romano’s ill-timed proposal in Parenthood. No, he doesn’t watch Parenthood. I do. He saw that clip when he was taking the said garbage out and slinked away to screw a new LED light bulb in our bathroom. That is his love language. The garbage lay next to me like an orphan who no one wanted to adopt.

Anyway, Clooney waited 53 years to find someone to love (I beat him by a decade, take that Georgie!). But Clooney’s love story is the story to tell because dammit, he is George Clooney! Lots of people say that finding the right partner/spouse is the biggest decision in your life. So what can you learn from Clooney-Amal love story?

1. Do not despair. Keep the hope alive. You think you are too old? Look at Clooney. Some cultures believe that your partner is being born when you least expect it or something like that. Don’t settle if you are not hungry for a baby. If you are hungry for a baby, find another way. No, stealing babies is illegal. And do not eat babies.

2. Follow your own passion and build your resume. Although he waited 53 years for Amal, Clooney didn’t lose sight of his own goals. He had been working on various projects and establishing himself as a credible actor since 1978.   He didn’t stop his life because he was looking for someone to love. He produced, directed and acted in movies, volunteered for different causes, and made friends with a number of A List celebrities. Live your own life.

3. Make the looking for love process fun. Stop and smell the roses. Kiss the supermodels.  If you find any, that is. Seriously, date a lot. You will learn how not to screw up when the right one comes along.

4. Be humble and open when you find the right person. Do not make it a power struggle. Love is not a game. He may just be an actor, a musician or a carpenter while you may be a scientist or academic or architect or writer or heck, even a renowned human rights lawyer. But when you find them, be humble.

5. When you find the right person, celebrate it! Celebrating your relationship and your partner is a good thing anyway. At every opportunity. In public, preferably. Because you story will give hope to everyone that they too can find a gorgeous, intelligent, thoughtful and ideologically aligned partner! Just like Clooney did in Amal. You owe it to the rest of the world. Of course some may be jealous.

PS: I think both Clooney and Amal are awesome. It is f*cking amazing actually that people find and fall in love. BTW, Clooney, I  loved your speech. May both your love flourish. My very best wishes.

PS2: As much as I believe that not rushing to find the right mate is good, don’t wait until 53 if you want a baby and you are a woman.

PS3: Don’t wait too long for the mythical soulmate. It is possible to fall in love if you create the right conditions.

PS4: Do whatever you want. It is your fricking life. Don’t let strangers tell you what to do.

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7 Responses to How to marry like George Clooney: Advice for successful women

  1. Robin says:

    What a great article and George looked so proud and happy in his speech. Made me swoon.


    • poonamallee says:

      Thanks, Robin! Both of them looked so happy and proud of each other. I am glad the article came out well and I am usually too earnest to be funny. I want to explore the lighter side of my writing. I read it aloud to Viyan before hitting Publish.


  2. thelesleyshow says:

    I just read on the front of some magazine that it’s already over between those two. Not sure I want a guy like Clooney, maybe as handsome as him, but his personality and mine would never ever work. LOL


    • Hi Lesley

      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. My point was not about gettin someone like Clooney but about treating yourself right while waiting for love. I just played off Clooney golden globes speech in which he said he was waiting for 53 years to find someone to love.


  3. Dawn says:

    I like this article. I made a lot of “mistakes” in relationships and have a lot of “failed” relationships. However, I now choose to look at them all as lessons and preparation for the marriage that I have now. It’s by far, not perfect, but we both know how to handle each other much better because of our past experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

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