Go beyond compassion: celebrate other’s flourishing

Next Step to Nirvana

Compassion is a beautiful thingWhat is compassion? It is a four parted phenomenon of witnessing, acknowledging, and feeling of others’ pain and responding with compassionate actions that alleviate the pain. This is a topic close to my heart and I have written about it.

Compassion is hard. It requires moral imagination to feel other’s pain, especially those of strangers. Compassion is also easy. Because when you feel the pain, you act in a way to reduce someone else’s pain thereby reducing your own agony and discomfort. In turn it makes you also feel better about yourself. Compassion being a response to pain has a strong affective component and therefore may be transient and not enduring. For example, you may feel moved to contribute to the latest earthquake relief after watching the TV coverage, but you may move on to other parts of your life without getting embroiled in…

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