One Lovely Blog Award

The blogging community is an awesome one!  They got so much love to pass around. Long time bloggers such as John Coyote take the time to stop and read newbie posts and comment. And now, the lovely Gulab Jamman Writes has nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award. I am honored.


Yusra Gulab Jamman is a poet. Because poetry makes everything sweet. Check her out. She is awesome of awesome. And writes beautifully about ocean and longing. Thank you so much, Yusra, for nominating my blog.

From what I understand, I am supposed to list seven facts about me.

  1. I once wrote a full length rom-com film script with a friend but we didn’t know how to market it. But we had a lot of laughs writing it.
  2. ‘To kill a mocking bird’ is one of my favorite books but I lost every copy I ever bought. So I gave up.
  3. My drink is gray goose vodka martini. I also enjoy single malt scotch. In case any of you want to buy me a drink.
  4. I was very popular during my middle and high school years and never realized how rare it is.
  5. My superpower is green thumbs. I can grow stuff.
  6. I breastfed my son until he was ready to wean himself, about five years old. I co-founded a breastfeeding education and advocacy network, which is now defunct but I like to think we made an impact.
  7. I never watched any TV until three years ago and now I am trying to catch up. Thank you Netflix.

Now I recommend the following blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award

  • Viyan Poonamallee, of course. I am biased but it is an awesome blog. My son writes stories, travelogues, philosophical pieces and game and book reviews.
  • JohnCoyote runs a poetry blog which I enjoy very much.
  • Angela at My College Odyssey is a wonderful young writer with remarkable talent.
  • Hope Jahren is a fellow academic and is honest and courageous. She is also very funny.
  • Write me a book John is an awesome booklover’s blog. John is the author of a novel too.
  • And the sweet Gulab Jamman who nominated me. She is as sweet as her name and a great e-conversationalist.
  • My friend Robin has a naughty blog with Texting Tips for Men and another one on making a living on the internet.
  • Maggie is a beginning blogger and can use some love. She has lovely pieces on journaling and conquering fear.
  • If you have read my posts so far, you might know that I came to blog to reclaim my writing. A writer’s path is a great resource for writers.
  • Cristian Mihai is a fabulous writer and is experimenting with fundaising to support himself while writing full time. He is my son’s favorite blogger too.
  • The Real Deal is a local news blog touching upon issues relevant to us all.
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2 Responses to One Lovely Blog Award

  1. You are welcome! And thank you so much for the lovely words! ❤ 🙂

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