Thank you, readers and fellow bloggers!

I have been blogging for over a month now and thoroughly enjoying it. During this period, I have had 408 visitors, 928 page views, 33 likes and 64 comments. I also went from 0 to 50 followers on twitter account. I am especially grateful for the engagement and dialog on topics like the one on racism underlying skin whitening practice. My how to get tenure post has the most views but the least engagement. Does that tell you about voice issues on tenure track or what? A number of people liked my squash risotto recipe and the pudding one. My going beyond compassion piece was more popular on Linked in than here.  It is also fun to write a funny piece like the one on Clooney.

I look forward to a deepening reflection and engaging dialog both within myself and with you, my community of readers. Thanks so much for your support. I hope to continue to earn and deserve it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.47.40 PM

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4 Responses to Thank you, readers and fellow bloggers!

  1. Congratulations, and wishing you many many more beautiful and successful blogging months to come! 😊❤️

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  2. Keep it up, and good luck! You’ve got “51” followers on Twitter now.

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