Motherhood, a reminder

Eating, and growing, and breathing

Forty weeks you spent inside me.

Even after you were out

it was as if you were still inside me

Yes, I was a baby-wearing, breastfeeding,

the crunchiest of mommies.

Alone time was a vague concept

that occasionally manifested

only when you were asleep.

I slept when you slept

I showered when you slept

I worked when you slept

I walked when you slept

And then came the driving

Driving you here, there

and everywhere.

I had almost forgotten that you were separate.

Today your second broken bone is a reminder

That we are separate.

I wish we could exchange hurt and health

My limb for yours, like Babar did.

I would if I could.

An ode to mothers who deal with

this separation

when their children have to fight

even more dangerous monsters than a broken bone.

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6 Responses to Motherhood, a reminder

  1. I tried to leave a comment last night, but my internet was messing up so I’m not sure if it went through… But I just wanted to say that this was sooooo beautiful and poignant – especially the last 10 lines or so! This is my favourite poem of yours so far! 🙂 I was left stunned when I read it. Really great work!

    But I do hope that the “broken bone” part is not a true story. In case it is, sending lots of love and get-well-soon wishes to Viyaan and family 🙂

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  2. It also reminded me so much of this poem by Gillian Clarke, which I read for my English Level when I was still in sixth form:

    ^^ (someone has posted it to this page 😛)

    Both of your poems are very powerful, and they follow a similar structure of remembering pregnancy/birth (hers has some slightly more graphic details about the umbilical cord which she calls a “Tight red rope of love”) … and then they both return to the idea of a growing child, and the anxiety of loving parents in the face of separation.

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  3. Yusra, that is very sweet! Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement. Viyan really did have a second bone broken which inspired this poem. Thank you for the wishes. He first broke his arm a few weeks ago and a few days after that cast came off, he broke his ankle. He is high energy, high movement child and so he is really depressed right now 😦

    I started writing it as prose piece on motherhood and existential loneliness but poetry lent itself as a better vehicle. Thanks again, sweetie.


  4. heather426 says:

    beautiful poem!

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