Writer’s block: my strategies

My 12 year old’s take on Writer’s Block. I thought my writing friends would appreciate it. It is a funny, great piece. He is hungering for comments. Please read and comment!

The world is a strange place

Chances are if you are somewhat dedicated to writing, you might have gotten this little thing some people call, ‘writer’s block‘. I call it procrastinating because I am lazy but I digress. It is pretty hard to get rid of. Because after about 200 words, I feel like, ‘yup that is enough for a novel. I am going to go publish that.’ And then proceed to realize just how many words there are in a book. I mean you would think that you couldn’t fit in that many words inside a paper. It is like you get one of those CDs and you can put a whole scooter in it. Can you do that? I tell you, that’s stuff of witchcraft. But now that this is my last resort, I am going to have no other choice other than write about it. Here is a few things…

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