Blues to Black


Dark and brooding

Inescapable, inevitable;

Reaching its claws

pulling us deep into the abyss.

Baby’s smell

Puppy’s kisses

Lover’s caresses

All to ward off the demon inside;

That surfaces over and over.

Jump on it

Smother it

Dig a hole and bury it deep inside.

Nothing keeps it down;

Like a wave on the shore.

Dreaming of a tsunami over your house

when your dog is outside

helpless and tired.

Sitting in a glass house

engulfed by the giant wave

that flows and recedes

Flows and recedes.

Breathless and scared

and oh so mad and ashamed.

Anyone out there?

Dark inside

bright outside

Even the blinding sun

doesn’t penetrate

the darkness inside.

Feeling, oh so, so alone

Seeking out a port in the storm

of loneliness.

Heading to the bar

to get a night’s respite;

Drowning in downward facing dog

and kale juice.

Running for miles

running away, running toward

but still running

afraid of stillness.

Stillness which reveals

the darkness inside.

Myriad manifestations of

the universal human experience

blues to suicide, blues to suicide.

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4 Responses to Blues to Black

  1. Wow! This is profound and deep. A really interesting exploration of the dark side we all have within us. My new favourite piece of yours!

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  2. Stunning poem! Dark, deep and menacing. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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