How to write a poem

Waking up groggy

on the living room couch

where I had fallen asleep

in the quiet of the house

after a glass or two of some fine wine.

Weak coffee, cloudy morning


Trying to coerce

a clever word or two

Trying hard for the elusive muse.

Can I blame it on the couch?

The magic couch

where one or the other of us fall asleep every night

Can I blame it on the wine?

They say wine is muse but not to me

Can I blame it on the clouds?

Can I blame it on the bad coffee?

Burning fog

fresh coffee

play with words

here is a way to entice my new friends

Making life poetry

Make struggle poetry

Make laziness poetry

Making wine poetry

Just write a poem, already.

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5 Responses to How to write a poem

  1. I could connect with a lot of what you said here. For example, when I’m thinking of a line, I really do feel as if all I’m doing is “Trying to coerce a clever word or two…” to give the poem that bit of spice. And as for seeking topics to write about – I totally follow the whole “making life, struggle (and even) laziness poetry” school. Just write about everything!!!! Haha. It made me smile. You captured the feeling well. That’s really how it is a lot of the time! 😊

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  2. heather426 says:

    I like your force poem.

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  3. Very nice poem Latha. I enjoyed it a lot.

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