Morning sounds

Distant drone of cars on the highway

Chirping sparrow in my garden

A big metal bird

huffing and puffing

and lumbering to soar

Rustling oleander leaves

Almost inaudible

sound of a jet ski on the Bay

Humming refrigerator

Ticking clock

cooling oven

singing laundry

shower running

neighbor’s car stalling

Mom, where’s my homework?

Panicking kid

Sounds of a morning

I look up irritated

a harsh word bubbling in my throat

one look at the colors that surround me

blue skies, blue ocean

and red flowers

A deep breath

and switch to gratitude.

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5 Responses to Morning sounds

  1. Gratitude is what brings love about. Very nice, Latha. Your best yet.

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  2. heather426 says:


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  3. Saneh Pandey says:

    It is hard to ignore those disturbing sounds in the morning but as you said ‘switiching to gratitude’ is always the best thing to do. Well written 🙂

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