Heart Map

It takes but a second

for you and I to flare up

 Hold me forever

Love me to the moon and back

Envelope me in

the cocoon of love.

love, the frustration

 love, an obsession

love, I deflect

love, I swallow

love, I duck

love, the guilt

love, a jab

love, I suspect

love, a panic in my gut

love that sends me

crawling back into myself.

Remember the love,

I remind myself.

All it takes is a second

for you and I

to flare up

an age-old battle

not just ours

but one that belongs to generations of mothers and daughters.

You hold the contours of my first heart map

a benediction and a burden

Now I understand.

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4 Responses to Heart Map

  1. Kay Tislar says:

    Your poem really resonated with me today, Latha, after a long phone conversation with my Mother. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Alok Singhal says:

    Such a beautiful one on a pious relation we all have!


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