Kill that friend

Acid  in your gut

Bile in your mouth

Burning our skin

Every inch of it

Wanting to throw up

Wanting to give up

kill and maim yourself

A mole under the earth

looking at all the shiny people

on top of the mountain

shaming you

mocking your


fueling your feeling of


worthless and pointless.

Jealousy is a toxic friend

who will corrode your insides

and puncture your skin with tiny pinpricks.

Do yourself a favor.

Tune into inspiration,

get on that mountain

and kill that friend.

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8 Responses to Kill that friend

  1. Elle says:

    yes! jealousy destroys and is so unnecessary


  2. We are what we think, it will affect us from the inside out. Good poem my friend.

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  3. Love the poem! Jealousy will take you places you never wanted to go.

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  4. Nicola Gill says:

    Yes! Kill that ‘friend’ jealousy!

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