If only you hadn’t departed

A pretty blue dress

and a sunflower in your hair

slaying me with that smile in your eyes.

You stopped my breath,

and squeezed my heart.

My knees were shaking

my heart was racing.

I knew I was going to lose you

even before I got you.

You smiled with your eyes

as I held the door.

I tumbled down the edge

into the valley of love.

You were what the Lord ordered

your fire to complement my ice

your purity to rescue my sinner soul

I could want for nothing more

I could want for no one else

if I got you, my sweet, sweet love.

Should I win you with my love

The Lord would provide me with everything

I could ever need, dream and hope for.

“If you wouldn’t have departed”

so prematurely

leaving my love hanging

in the wind

like sheets forgotten by the

housewives on a summer day.

You would have known

my love was pure.

Pure enough to cure you

of all your ills

every drop of your toxic blood

in service of our Dark Lord.

If you hadn’t departed so prematurely

you would have saved the thirteen that followed.

None of them were you.

None of them had a smile in their eyes

or fire in their belly

or a sunflower in their hair

If only you hadn’t departed.

Saneh Pandey of Break the Silence, nominated me for the ‘Non-Love in more than Ten Sentences Challenge.’ Thank you dear. Do check out her poetry. She is wonderful.

I nominate my sweet friend, Plato’s Groove, a poet of love, for this “Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge.”


You only have to link back to my blog and add your poem on your blog, making sure to include:
~The word “Love”, at least once.
~At least one adverb.
~At least one quote or motto, marked by quotation marks.

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12 Responses to If only you hadn’t departed

  1. platosgroove says:

    Fun. Anything about love? And use more than ten sentences?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saneh Pandey says:

    Beautiful poem! All the rules set in perfectly. Well done 🙂


  3. You did a great job expressing yourself in this poem. Isn’t it awesome to have a blog where we can freely give ourselves to the world in our own words?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pingback: For the Love of Me | Plato's Groove

  5. Nicola says:

    Thank you for sharing your talented art of poetry


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