Stay out of my head


Broken glass grating

My being tearing into shreds

Blood dripping on my toes

sticky like moss that I walked into barefoot

Sticky like my life which won’t give up

Whew, gross, just like life.

I want to rip my toes down and stomp on them

Make them go away, far, far away.

I am surprised I am still breathing

Chest in and out, in and out.

Fear in, fear out.

Let me go, let me go.

Flowing like a lava

spewing and gurgling like a furnace in the winter

words flow out of my mouth

Let me go, let me go.

Not a minute more

Not a moment more

No more salt and water for me

No more sticky toes for me.

I want to be ethereal and mist into the air

“Calm, calm, calm”

My inner voice hushes

sounding like my father who is long gone.

“It will all be okay

Call a friend, call your mother.

Go for a run, take a deep breath, drink some tea.”

Advice after advice on how to live.

Batman to Joker

Tears and recriminations

“You hush” I tell the inner voice

“What do you know?”

I don’t want to gurgle blood

I don’t want to be strapped to a bed.

No more urging me to stay.

No light for me.

Rip out the cords; turn off the switch.

I can smell freedom.

Freedom from light.

Freedom from blues.

Darkness wins. I surrender.

Let me go.

Only then I can see colors.

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3 Responses to Stay out of my head

  1. OldenGray says:

    Very powerful in so many ways. Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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