My flower garden in northwoods

Following my post on my gardening adventures in San Diego, I wanted to share my garden pictures from the north woods. With a much, much shorter growing season and my annual summer travels, I had moved mostly to easy maintenance perennials and a select combination of annuals that I vary based on my mood every year.

As far as produce goes, one summer when I didn’t travel, I grew different kinds of vegetables. That was quite a while ago. I would like to grow some vegetables this summer, maybe a tomato plant or two and some zucchini squash and cucumber.

I also have amazing blackberry bushes that yield sweet berries in August. Under the northern sun in late summer, these berries taste like heaven on earth.

I have planted clematis and hollyhocks as well last year before I left. I cannot wait to see how they are doing when I return!

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9 Responses to My flower garden in northwoods

  1. OldenGray says:

    Thank you for a lovely walk about your garden. I hope it all goes according to your hand gifted plan! :o)

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