Alpha to Omega: an ode to Vegas


Glittering and gritty, a whore on a corner

Las Vegas, a microcosm of the world 

Forced cheer and eternal optimism 

with more than a tinge of desperation

Falling in lust so hard that it

feels like a long lost love

that ends in pretend white chapels

A momentary surrender to insanity and tenderness

showing what love should feel like

Perceived opportunity at every step 

All decks stacked against you

A washed up wrinkled mess of a woman

whose ass is not perky enough to pay her bills anymore 

chuckles at the eighteen year old next to her

Your turn will come soon

Alpha to Omega

Hope to desperation 

Yes, Vegas is an eternal carnival 

for forgetting and remembering 

the human condition,

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5 Responses to Alpha to Omega: an ode to Vegas

  1. OldenGray says:

    What a great take on the city of glitter and lights albeit smoke and many mirrors! Very well written!

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  2. Wow… LOVE the images and metaphors in this. Your poetry is getting more complex, beautiful, thought-provoking and vivid by the day! 🙂

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  3. I especially love the last three lines. So deep and eloquently expressed! And also the part which begins: “Falling in lust so hard…” Very clever and effective twist on the usual “falling in love!”

    Whenever I’m browsing the internet on my phone and happen to come across a poem or set of lines I really like, I take a screenshot and keep it in my camera album, so that I can return to those colourful words again on a bleak day when I need to read something rich and invigorating. I hope you don’t mind, but I have added this amazing piece of yours to my collection! ❤️

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