Grand Canyon and None

       Grand Canyon gives one the poetic license

Go ahead and use all adjectives 

Magnificent, spectacular, and awe inspiring  among others. 
Communing with it is a spiritual experience for the Nones 
Standing  in front of it feeling my insignificance

Thoughts swirl around in my head

Life has been around for a long time

It will continue for a long time 

We humans are but a blip in time 

until I remembered the Hoover dam

Even a blip can leave a mark 

And we humans like busy beavers

have dammed many a mighty river and altered the course of nature 

inhabiting the uninhabitable 

Cities under sea level and on the desert 

Inviting destruction and expunging species.

Feeling of insignificance does not absolve us

of our responsibility to steward our little planet.

We are not small

We are mighty.

Let us not forget it. 

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4 Responses to Grand Canyon and None

  1. Stunning photographs and a stunning poem! It’s one of my dreams to see The Grand Canyon one day… Even photos take my breath away, so I can only imagine how awe-inspiring it must be in real life! Hope your tour is going fabulously, Latha ji! 🙂

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  2. sonniq says:

    I loved the pictures. I’ve been there only once long ago. You need to actually see it to feel the absolute wonder of it!

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