Being a little spoon

Ideas churning in my head

Trickles and tsunami 

Walking amidst the hoodoos in the night

casting a spell for love; 

looking for Martian creatures 

who will be my best friends forever

Breathtaking surrender to the elements 

letting nature take her course 

checkerboard faced  and gnarly bodies like old women 

 Those hoodoos are magnificent

There that word again, magnificent. 

A child sitting straight in a corner, 

unnatural and cruel punishment of love 

Midlife morality, is there one? Is it different?

Thinking about mothers and daughters.

The pull and push

The lull and storms of life. 

Remembering the old lady and her basket 

with a puppy in it. 

A man who every man hates 

and every woman loves

The man who surprised his love with a night of loving at the hotel

He even thoughtfully packed her clothes and makeup for the morning after.

The city that surprised me with its crossing flags and midnight music 

The rage within me I don’t want to own. 

Snippets and tsunamis, glimpses and stories

all rushing in my head

desperate to be developed and captured before they disappear 

like misty rabbits before the sun. 

But a battle is being waged this morning. 

Oh, the sweet, warm embrace of my love

making me slow and sticky like molasses

All these thoughts need to wait. 

PS: the picture above is by Clare at and I was led to it by Victoria Mcginley at

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