Double Standards


A water starved child

remembering pumping and pulling

storing from barrels to spoons and little toy teacups 

Flood to drought year after year

Wet floors, damp clothes, flooded visitors 

to mangoes and pumping

Every drop was precious.

No wonder water tugs my heart like no other element.

Glacier to ocean, precious water 

Life giving and life taking

Have you ever wondered if anyone blamed water of being fickle?

Of lacking integrity

Taking any form that keeps it alive

Glacier to gurgling stream

A creek that tinkles

Playing hide and seek deep under the water

Making us work hard 

Like a man who wants to mount a precious woman 

Fighting amongst us to own the precious liquid gold

Man with man

State with state

Blaming the victim 

Craving the rewards

Water is a fickle gOd

A shape shifter

A shifty god

We are sixty percent water

No wonder fickleness is part of us

Hiding and seeking too

Falling and running

Finding our own level 


Drop the double standards. 

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