Do you have a secret?


Bright smiles, happy family portraits

everyone in khakis and polos

pearls and gods

Celebrations and parties

Weddings and funerals

Smiles and laughter

Honor and community

gentle touch and unconditional love


permissive, abusive warm breaths

hide in bright light

secrets nurtured and coddled

Darkest secrets thrive in bright light

passing for natural shadows in the light

 streaming through leaves in the woods

Bury them

Burn them

Rip them to shreds

growing, growing, growing like weeds

hiding under trees with weighted down braches

When darkness descends

you cannot hide the secrets

they shine like stars

elusive and tangible

Kill the secrets by turning off the light

count the secrets that glow like stars

You are never alone in secrets

Everyone has one.

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6 Responses to Do you have a secret?

  1. JMD398 says:

    Wow very thoughtful and intriguing, makes you wonder what is mor damaging the lie or the secret. I guess in most cases they both play a part in the subject matter. Really love your words and expressive description.

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  2. Larraine says:

    You are only as sick as your secrets.

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