Sound track of life

She touched. He sighed.

All pent up emotions draining

down his spine

tingling and breathless

like a heart attack.

Intoxicating curves and silk.

Nails raking, fingers fluttering

He sighed again.

A deep sigh of anticipation of all she was about to do and give.

A sigh of acceptance that he was hers.

She accepted his proposal

 A queen with shimmering eyes.

He sighed the breath that he had been holding all his life

a sigh of relief that he won’t be alone.

Coming running from across the state line

he found her and their baby all wrapped up and safe.

He sighed again

And held his family tight

in abiding joy.

His heart expanded to grow more love.

Mid-life brought a sigh of resignation

heartbreak and all.

Flagging energy, growing responsibility

A sigh at the end of every day

Another day battled and won.

A sigh of relief that

nothing really bad happened today.

Then came the sighs in his dreams

Dreaming of his prime.

Looking around and seeing all his family

The one he built beginning with a sigh

I am ready to go.

It’s been a good one.

A final sigh.

The most eloquent soundless sound.

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