Hornet’s Nest – A Rebuttal

A good writer observes and uses (steals) material from her world. My recent poem, Hornet’s Nest, was one such effort. 

It was my love who got bitten by the hornets and not me.  He agreed that the first part of my depiction was a fair portrayal but wanted to change the ending. It is fair that I publish the alternate ending he proposed.

I feel avenged
Not a twinge of guilt
For without their queen
They will die an agonizing death

My ending went like this:

“I should feel avenged

but a twinge of guilt instead

They need to build a new home.”

We shared both versions with a nephew who was once chased by hornets. His response was,

“Yes, yes, and yes!!! The only realistic thing in Latha’s story was the fuck fuck fuck part. But you’re ending is spot on. Those little f#$kers have it coming and deserve to die a slow death.” LOL

PS: Wait till I start writing about my mother. Rebuttals will be full length books!

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3 Responses to Hornet’s Nest – A Rebuttal

  1. I enjoyed them both and love this interactive concept. Some of the best poetry and drama is not as much a collaboration as a conversation.

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