The gift of magi story

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Who among us have not been moved and touched by

The gift of magi story?

Romantic, magical and sentimental.

I ask,


Did you mean to write a parable of comic irony?

A warning to lovers not to let things fall down the cracks between people.

An admonition to talk.

Like, “wake me up if you see the lights”

Let me know when the gas tank is empty

a day before my big meeting with the sponsor

No, I don’t want another vacuum cleaner!

Give me a DNA Kit instead.

Understandings bloom from shared information and not just infatuation.

Della’s hair will grow back.

Mocking both of them and the watchless platinum chain.

Then, Jim will be mad. He is just a child.

O Henry, they were not the wisest.

They were the stupidest.

They need a therapist.

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