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Addicted generations

Imagine a little girl reading her book intensely. While she reads, she can tune out everything around her. She reads under her covers with a flashlight. She reads in her bath. She walks on the street reading her book, likely … Continue reading

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Barbara Pym, my grand aunt, and me: midlife musings

New Yorker recently carried a piece on Barbara Pym and the new spinster. Reading the piece made me nostalgic and took me back to the days of my youth. I was a voracious and indiscriminating reader then. I used to read anything that … Continue reading

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A counter-intuitive take on finding love in midlife

Midlife is a much maligned phase of life. Mid life crisis, midlife unhappiness, midlife plateau, midlife baggage and so on. Finding love in men is supposed to be hard. Even your business is supposed to have a midlife crisis. Finding … Continue reading

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