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Porch Swing. #loveislove

 I have always loved swings and hammocks. Most Indian homes had one. Great for napping. My response to the gentle rocking and swaying is almost primitive, a return to the womb. Your mama is moving and you sleep. Your mama … Continue reading

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Being a little spoon

   Ideas churning in my head Trickles and tsunami  Walking amidst the hoodoos in the night casting a spell for love;  looking for Martian creatures  who will be my best friends forever Breathtaking surrender to the elements  letting nature take … Continue reading

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Difficult conversations, trust and experience gaps: a learning moment

I am a boundary spanner by nature. As an atheist, left of left liberal, unschooling, immigrant single mother of color and a scholar, I am doubly triply, quadruply marginal; so boundary spanning is a social requirement for sanity. My friends span … Continue reading

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